Hi Precious Soul

You are not here to serve others
If you neglect yourself
You are not here to give give give
If you feel depleted
You are not here to play caretaker
If your needs are not met
You are not here to nourish and nurture the world
If your well is dry

You are here to thrive and bloom
You are here to value yourself
You are here to discover your own worth
You are here to nurture your own soul

All those messages we got
That we have to be good daughters, good wives, good mothers
That we have to give unconditionally, love unconditionally
That our needs are not as important
That it’s ok to keep pushing if we’re run down, sick, exhausted
That a woman’s job is never done
That we’re selfish if we think of ourselves first
All those messages are running us dry

What if we change those messages
What if we decide to be good mothers to ourselves
The best friend we ever had
Love ourselves unconditionally
Tend to our own needs
Make ourselves the most important person in our lives
Listen to our body and give it what it needs
Listen to our heart and fulfill it’s desires
Listen to our soul and heed it’s calling
Fill our well
Not just enough to function so we can continue to do for others
But fill it up, all the way
Until it spills over

From that place of fullness
You can truly give without depletion, without resentment
You can shine your light brightly
You can inspire and lift up others
You can lead by example

What will you do today
To fill your well?