Hello Loves,

I get this question A LOT. 

One of the things that I teach women is that in order for us to live a beautiful, healthy, joyous lives, we need to learn to love ourselves and love our bodies. And the question that I get is: how can I love my body if I hate it? Or if I don’t like it? Or if I see faults in it? Or if I have negative thoughts about it?

One important thing is that WE START WHERE WE ARE.

If you come to your health journey from a place of dissatisfaction, thinking that there is something that you don’t like about yourself that you want to change, then that’s where you are. But as you go through your health journey you need to realize that you will take care of something that you love, you will make an effort for something that you love and that you won’t stick with it if you don’t love yourself and if you don’t love your body.


Loving your body is a learning process. Allow yourself to learn it. Allow yourself to walk through it step by step.

One important step if to start watching your thoughts and realize that you were not born disliking who you are and disliking your body.

Our natural state is loving ourselves, loving our bodies and being joyful in who we are.


Every time you have a thought that is negative, critical or self hating, tell yourself quietly:
This Is Not My Thought.
These Are Not My Feelings.

You learned it somewhere and you can start the process of unlearning it.

The next step is to affirm something positive. If you can, say:
If that feels too fake or if you have a lot of resistance, take it a step further and say:
I am willing to love myself. I am willing to love my body.
Or you can even say:
I am willing to learn to love my body. 

Just start where you are and take it a step further.
One step at a time.

I would love to hear what you think in the comments.
I will be happy to answer your questions and talk about any topics that you are interested in, in my next videos, just drop me a note.

Please share with every woman who needs to hear this.