2020 is here. It’s a new year. It’s a new decade. The air is charged with possibilities and new promises. It’s the time of year when we are bombarded with ads from the diet industries, health clubs and weight loss programs, enticing us with images of ‘NEW YEAR, NEW ME’.

But as more and more women are starting to discover, just like diets, New Year’s resolution don’t work. They give us unrealistic false hopes follows by disappointments and we end up feeling discouraged and defeated.

I absolutely love the energy of a new year and a new beginning, but you don’t have to leave your(old)self behind in order to live a healthy life. A health journey is a life long process, one that you can learn to take with lots of joy, delight and self-love and it doesn’t have an expiration date. Anytime is a good time. NOW is always the perfect time, whether its January, July, 2020, when you’re 50, when you’re 60, it is never too late and you can always turn towards health, no matter the past. You can start where you are, you don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to make yourself over, just love yourself exactly as you are and take one step towards a healthier life and then another.

One of my favorite practices to put you on a joyful health journey is ‘HEALTHY ME’ visualization. I recommend that you do it every morning, when you’re still in bed, before you begin your day. It does not have to take long, one or two minutes are enough, 5 minutes are even better.

Think of a healthy and radiant version of you, the ‘healthy me’ you dream of becoming.
Close your eyes and take a couple of deep breathes.
Bring that HEALTHY ME vision into your mind.
See her with as much detail as possible and look at all the way she is choosing health today.
See what she is wearing, how she is walking, how she is talking, what she is feeling.
Feel the sense of well being and joy she is feeling.
See her doing yoga or going for a walk.
See her cooking a healthy meals and enjoying it with pleasure.
See her prioritizing herself and her health in many different ways.
See her, and know she is you.
Let her be your guide and lead you.
Thank her and start your day feeling inspired and energized by her vision.

Doing this every day is so much more powerful than writing lists of resolutions. These images and feelings are going to imprint into your brain and give it a strong message that a healthy life is a priority for you. Seeing yourself healthy and happy will make you feel so inspired that you will feel less resistant and making healthy choices will feel more natural and effortless.

I invite you to join my Facebook Group ‘Fall In Love With A Healthy Life’, where women come together to create a healthy community. We inspire each other, support each other and fall in love with a healthy life.

xoxo Rachel