Hi Loves,

Every once in a while I like to feature a blog from one of my friends and colleagues. It is always a blog that can enhance your health and well-being while featuring a topic that is out of my realm of expertise.

I have always been fascinated by angel work but have not really tried it. My friend Lisa, who is an angel card reader and a licensed psychotherapist, wrote this blog for us about the healing power of archangel Raphael.

Sometimes all you have to do it ask.

Want better health?

Pray to the angels and especially one in particular, Archangel Raphael.  Healers and helpers can benefit from working with this angel and his ability to heal. Raphael means, “God heals.” He can assist you with any form of healing: physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual for yourself and others.  The only catch is, if you can even call it a catch; you or the other person need to be open and receptive to healing.  The angels will not interfere with a person’s free will.  In order to start the process you need to ask for help, believe and then be open to receive.

Here are some of the many areas of health Archangel Raphael heals:

  1. Addictions and cravings
  2. Physical and spiritual eyesight
  3. Healthy eating habits
  4. Animals and even retrieving lost pets
  5. Weight loss
  6. Sleep
  7. Exercise
  8. Reduction of stress and anxiety

Raphael also protects travelers and helps with clearing the energy of the space you are in, which is important for empaths who are sensitive to the energies of other people and places.  Call upon Raphael to assure your transportation, luggage, lodging and any other travel details go smoothly.  Also, he can assist those who travel on inward spiritual journeys seeking truth and guidance.

How do you know it is Raphael?

He communicates through your intuition, thoughts, ideas, and dreams telling you how to stay healthy. His symbol is a fish because he once healed a blind man by putting ground up fish in his eyes.  You may see fishes or pictures of fish after praying to Raphael.  If your psychic vision is open you will see the color emerald green or Archangel Raphael himself. You will feel his soft, healing vibration of energy.

Healers can benefit from Raphael’s assistance.  He guides people as to what healing method is best whether it is to treat a person, animal, plant or place.  Call upon Raphael, before, during and after treatment sessions.  He can help you establish a healing practice by bringing in wonderful new clients.  If you ask him for help with furthering your education, he will help you get the time and money for school.

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Lisa Hutchison-Connecting Empathic Helpers & Artists to Spirit, helps you connect to your authentic voice, protect your energies and trust your instincts.  As a certified angel card reader, Lisa loves consulting the angels daily and provides guidance to people all over the world.  Lisa is also a licensed psychotherapist, published writer and teacher of spiritually creative classes. www.lisahutchison.net