Freedom From Sugar Addiction Workshop

The 7 step system that helped thousands of women become free of sugar addiction and reclaim their health and their lives.

Does the thought of giving up sugar make you cringe?

Then welcome, you are in the right place!

After being on the sugar roller coaster for decades, even while being a health coach, I totally understand not wanting to feel deprived.
The Freedom From Sugar Addiction Workshop is anything but depriving.
In fact, it is about GIVING, not taking.

You are invited to change your relationship with sugar forever, to change your health and to change your life.

We will meet for a live video workshop on Sunday, March 21, at 11 AM.
I recommend to join the workshop LIVE but if you can’t make it, a recording will be available. You must sign up to receive the recording.
In this workshop you will learn:
How sugar affects your bodies and health.
How to includes healthier sweets and treats.
How to reduce your cravings for sugar.
7 effective and empowering steps to free yourself from sugar addiction forever. 
“I have always had a sweet tooth. What I loved about this workshop is that it encouraged me to go deeper into the reasons why I reach out for sugar and offers easy and doable options. I love how easy the steps are and how I am now more aware of what I really crave so I can give myself this without having to go through the whole sugar fix and crash afterwards. I feel much calmer, balanced and my energy levels are more even. I also sleep better and feel less wired. Thank you so much, Rachel, for sharing your passion with the world and for offering such wonderful support.”
Karina Ladet – France
“I learned so much as I went through the workshop, information that should be taught to us much earlier in life! The steps are very easy to implement with great suggestions and ideas to help.  I have learned so much about the types of foods that I can replace with, which is a help because most research I’ve done in the past has just advised what to take out.  I’m really excited to share with you that even though it’s only been a week, I lost 2.4kg.  Your information is so valuable and every person should know this! Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.”
Lisa Wiking – Australia

I have taught this workshop to thousands of women and I have witnessed how life changing it is. I want these tools to be available and accessible to all women so I am pricing them on a ‘pay what you can’ scale. Please look at the price scale and pay as much as you can. By paying a higher price, you are making it possible for me to offer the lower price to women who are on a low/no income. 

I have taught this workshop to thousands of women and I have witnessed how life changing it is. I want these tools to be available and accessible to all women so I am pricing them on a ‘pay what you can’ scale. Please look at the price scale and pay as much as you can.

If you absolutely cannot pay, there is a $0 price option.
If you can only pay for yourself, there is a $15 option.
If you are able to, please pay for yourself and support someone else who needs help by paying – $30.

By paying more you are making it possible for me to continue to offer these workshops as a ‘pay what you can’ to women in need.

IMPORTANT: Once the transaction is complete, click on the button at the bottom of the PayPal confirmation page to return to this website. You’ll be redirected to a unique webpage with the workshop information and access to the workshop.

“I’m feeling energized after working through the Freedom From Sugar Addiction Workshop. After writing my sugar story, I reached an understanding about my relationship with sugar that I never knew before. This knowledge is helping me make better choices every day. Highly recommended!”
Shann Vander Leek – USA

“The Freedom From Sugar Addiction workshop was just right for me. I’d been contemplating looking at my sugar intake, but was reluctant to do anything drastic or complicated where I would fall into bad habits again quickly. This workshop is positive, can-do and focuses on small achievable steps that are easy to incorporate into a busy (and sugar addicted) life. One of the most important things in this process is information, and Rachel provides really clear information to help you understand WHY sugar is so addictive and HOW it influences your body.

Since starting this programme and reducing my sugar intake there are several things I’ve noticed. One, how much sugar is in EVERYTHING. Even stock cubes have added sugar! Two, I’ve noticed how my body reacts after eating things with or without added sugar. Things with refined sugar (e.g. cookies) make me want to eat more immediately, even if I didn’t really like the food in the first place! After eating a snack with natural sugars (e.g. nuts & raisins) I don’t feel an immediate craving for more.

I love how the main focus is on feeling good about yourself and feeling good in your body. That makes it less about cutting out sugar, and more about reducing the craving for it in the first place through a better understanding mentally and making informed choices about food physically.”

Iris Fritschi-Cussens – UK

Rachel Kieffer

Holistic Health Coach

Certified by The Institute For Integrative Nutrition And The American Association of Drugless Practitioners