Dear Heart,

In our current society we often get the message that health is equivalent to lack of illness. We go to the doctor and if our “numbers” (blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, etc.) are “good” that means we are healthy. But being healthy is so much more than that.

Living a healthy life doesn’t mean you are not going to have health struggles, health issues and health challenges. We all do. Even doctors, nutritionists and the biggest health gurus do. Health is a fluent and changing thing and with each stage of your life there will be new challenges, new things to figure out.

Some of our health struggles are short term and can be solved relatively easily by following a few new recommendations. Others are long term and require you to look at solutions that help you to take one small step at a time, a commitment to keep trying and a willingness to get long term help and support.

It is ok that you have health struggles, everybody does. You can look at them with compassion and love yourself as you seek healing. What makes your health challenges worse it when they are laced with self blame. Your struggles are not your fault and you are always doing the best you can with the information and resources you have. You can heal. You can create wellbeing. You can be on a healthy path. It require looking honestly and compassionately at your health issues and allowing yourself to get love, support and encouragement from yourself and others.

I am very open about my health struggles, past and present. I think it is so important for those of us in the health field to show our clients that we are not perfect and that perfection is impossible. Some of my health struggles are long gone, like binge eating and heavy smoking. Some have greatly improved, like my adrenal fatigue that went from severe to moderate to light. And some I am still working on, like having a daily yoga practice and increasing my physical activity.

Today I encourage you to look honestly and with a loving heart at your own health struggles. List them. Ask yourself what will it take for you to make progress and move forward. What do you need? From yourself, from your family, from your environment, from your community? Could you use professional help?

I invite you to join my Women Health Circle, it is a space of deep healing where women come together to take a health journey into a vibrant and radiant life. You will get all the love, support, encouragement, tools and guidance you need to take on your health struggles and see real progress. Click HERE for more information and to sign up.

xoxo Rachel