Ahh, spring. There’s a stirring in the air and in our souls. There’s a desire for lightness and renewal. Nature is waking up, the trees are budding, the snows are melting, the earth is waking up from the winter slumber.

Spring is the season of lightening up, shedding the accesses of winter, increasing our energy and getting more active. It is time to move away from the hearty and warming foods of winter and transition into lighter fare like raw salads, green smoothies, lightly steamed veggies, less salt and less oil and seasonal produce.

Eating seasonal vegetables and fruit is good for your health. Seasonal foods are loaded with nutrients: vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytochemicals, that are partially lost when the food is imported, transported and stored.

Seasonal and local foods are also good for you energetically, they provides your body with what you need to function optimally with the weather and environment of the season. The locally grown vegetables and fruits of spring have a cleansing and energizing effect.

Seasonal produce is often less expensive than imported produce. Ka-ching!

You will be supporting local farms and the environment when you shop locally. I love shopping in outdoors farmer’s markets and seeing all the wonderful colorful produce, you can actually smell the freshness! And there are many organic farms on display.

Fresh harvested produce lasts longer, and tastes so much better!!

Here is a list of some spring produce:
Baby greens like arugula, kale and spinach
Sprouts like sunflower, mung beans and broccoli
Spring/green garlic
Fresh herbs like basil, cilantro and parsley
Pea shoots
Dandelion greens

The best way to transition into spring is by doing the spring cleanse from The Cleanse For All Seasons.  It will help you shed the accesses of winter, give you lots of energy, guide with with yummy recipes and food choices and help you shine from the inside out. Join thousands of having fans and get it now.

xo Rachel