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We get so many messages from the diet industry and from the health industry. Some of those messages are positive and inspiring. Some of them are discouraging, confusing and unhelpful. One unhelpful message is that there are lists of foods that are “BAD”, they are not good for us, should be on a ‘no-no’ list and avoided.

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Depending on the dietary system you are following these foods can be:
• Fats
• Dairy
• Sugar
• Carbs
• Gluten
And the lists go on and on.

It is not helpful to think of foods in terms of “GOOD” or “BAD”. It will only lead you to guilt and constant battle with food. A better approach is to think of food in terms of ‘does this food work for me’ or ‘does this food not work for me’. It is more empowering and puts you in a place of being in charge of making choices.

So instead of trying so hard to avoid the foods that we “should not” eat and failing over and over again, switch your focus and bring in the foods that are good for you.

Bring in more foods that:
• Give you energy
• Love your digestive system
• Make your cells happy
• Make your skin glow
• Give you vitality
• Make your hair shine
• Make you feel light
• Help you create the life you want
• Help you create the body you thrive in

As you bring in more and more of those life-affirming foods, you will crowd out the foods that are not working for you.

For example, instead of trying so hard NOT to eat those processed food cookies, bake healthy cookies, eat your favorite fruits (I loooove fresh figs and peaches) or have healthy sweets like dried dates and you will see those cravings for processed cookies diminish.

I have great cookie recipes for you!
Check out my Cashew Cookies and Orange-Coconut Cookies.

I’d love to hear from you! What good-for-you foods will you bring in?

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xoxo Rachel