Can clutter make you unhealthy???

Can the simple act of clearing out clutter affect your life???

Many of us have clutter.
Sometimes it’s very visible.
Sometimes it’s hidden.
Sometimes it’s everywhere.
Sometimes it’s in one room,

According to Feng Shui, the Chinese art of placement, clutter creates  blocked and stagnant chi (energy)  that affects us in every area of our lives, including health, finances and relationships.

Just think about it
If there is something that you want to accomplish in your life
Like having an exercise routine
Planning and preparing healthy meals
How do you feel when you walk into a cluttered room???
Not very motivated and energized!

Clutter can show up as:

~Feeling tired
~Feeling drained
~Unable to make decisions
~Feeling forgetful
~Having difficulty focusing
~Feeling depressed
~Feeling weighed down

If you want to create something new
Let go of the old!

If you are trying to change old habits
And create healthier ones
Having an environment that is filled with
Old things
Things you have not used in a long time
Things that no longer serve you
Will prevent you from moving forward

Clutter and weight
Stuff overload = Mind and Body Overload

It is very hard to get organized for losing weight
And creating a healthier and lighter body
If you live in a clutter filled home
If your kitchen is not organized
If making a meal is not an easy and fun activity
If your pots and pans are all over the place
You will likely pick up the phone and order takeout

Clutter also weighs you down emotionally
Making you feel unmotivated
Making you feel like you don’t care
Or that you lack the ability to make things happen

Your external environment will affect your internal state
Your internal state will affect your actions and results

You don’t have to get rid of ALL your clutter
To see results
Just start!
Give yourself 15 minutes every day
To create a clear, clean and beautiful home
You will start feeling light right away
Start by working on areas
That are directly connected to your health
Like the kitchen and exercise area
Go over a drawer at a time
A cabinet at a time
Get rid of anything you are not using
*Throw it out
*Give it away
*Sell it on ebay

Don’t be tempted by
I might use it later
It is most likely
I will use it never

And think of what will inspire you
To achieve your health goals
A bowl of fruit of your kitchen table
Inspiring pictures and images on the walls
Words of encouragement on the fridge
Upbeat music while you get your home
Sparkly and shiny

And before you know it
Your life will become sparkly and shiny too