Hi Beautiful Heart,

I used to be a waiter. Not the kind that takes orders in a restaurant and serves food and drinks. The kind that waits for her life to begin. The kind that gets stuck in situations and places long after it makes sense. The kind that longs for a change but waits for circumstances to change first. I used to wait and wait and wait for something that never came…

I see it all the time in my practice. Women contact me because they want help, they want to make a change, they long for the health they know they can have. And then they say they have to wait.

Until they have enough money.
Until they feel like they are ready.
Until the children leave home and they finally have time for themselves.
Until a less busy season at work.
Until the stars and the moon line up.

Let me tell you about Marcella.

We met for a health consultation. She had big and beautiful health goals. When I talked, her eyes shone with excitement and inspiration. She longed to change her eating habits and learn new and nurturing ways to relate to herself. At the end of our consultation I offered her a place in my next Women Health Circle. She got very excited but said since it was November, she wanted to wait until January, because January was a good time for a fresh start. I looked at her and gently said “Don’t wait. Do it now”. Marcella hesitated for a minute and then followed my suggestion. Every time we met, she thanked me for asking her not to wait, for showing her the possibility of prioritizing herself and her health NOW. She confessed that she had a pattern of waiting that went beyond taking care of her health. Participating in the Women Health Circle helped her break that pattern, go back to school and earn her PH.D.

So, why do we wait?

Waiting is just another form of resistance to change. We want change but we resist it. We are afraid of getting out of the familiar and the comfortable, we can even get comfortable with pain and suffering and resist freedom and joy.

There are many other form of resistance that look similar to a pattern of waiting, like feeling that we don’t have the time, that our lives and schedules are too complicated, that our family and friends will not support and sabotage us, that we won’t like eating healthy foods, that pleasure as we know it will cease to exist, that… the list goes on and on. Believe me, I understand, my own list of reasons sounded so true and convincing that it was hard to tell it was resistance and fear.

For me, it took a decision. I got tired of waiting and seeing my life and my dreams pass on by. I decided NO MORE WAITING. I am going to live my life now. I am going to go after what I want now. I am going to live a life that reflects my values and priorities: health, joy, family, connections, making a difference. I have seen many women make that decision too, putting their health and their lives at the top of their priority list. Something miraculous happens when you do that, when you decide that this is what’s most important to you. Suddenly, obstacles move out of the way, you spend less money on less important things and invest in your health, you make it clear to your family and friends that prioritizing your health is non-negotiable, I even have women who organize their work day so they can participate in group calls. It is amazing what you can figure out once you make the decision that your health is your #1 priority.

I invite you to make that decision too: NO MORE WAITING! And I am here to help you make that decision come true. Join the Women Health Circle NOW. Don’t wait. It is your time to put your health, your life and your happiness front and center.

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xx Rachel