There is a common theme that runs through all the women I work with, no matter their age, background, location or culture.


We all got messages that create a distorted picture of how we view ourselves. We all have our very personal stories but those messages are universal and they can stand in our way when we want to create a glowing and healthy life.


Messages About Our Worth


So many of us don’t feel like we are worth it. We will do for other so much more than we will do for ourselves. I often here from clients: “It’s just me, so why bother cooking for myself?” Or “I don’t want to spend money on that yoga class”. 


The truth about you is that you are worthy, completely worthy. There is nothing you need to DO to be worthy. Your worth is not depended on anything. Any message, or thought or feeling that you have about not being worthy enough is part of that “wrong” thinking and it is simply not true. 


You are worth every effort. You are worth taking the time to do things just for you. You are worth spending money on yourself and your wellbeing. 


Messages About Our Intelligence


We are trained to listen to the “experts” and trust their thinking and training. Doctors, authors, health practitioners are all wonderful and can guide us and give us information, suggestions, recommendations and advice. But so many of them operate from the point of view of “I know better that you” and we buy into it. 


The truth is that no one knows about you, your body, your health, your needs, more than you. You are the ultimate expert when it comes to you. Your relationship with health providers needs to be one of partnerships and with a very big emphasis on listening to you and your knowledge about yourself.


You are smart. Your are brilliant. Your thinking and knowledge about yourself need to be respected and valued. 


Messages About Our Capabilities


There is a underlying message that infiltrated our brain from the diet industry and it is that we are weak. Left to our own devices, we will be out of control and that is why we need that diet, that program, that “fix”. That message is a powerful marketing strategy, as long as you believe it you will keep coming back for more. 


The truth is that making healthy choices is the most natural thing to do. It is the diet mentality that created the problem in the first place with it’s lists of forbidden foods, limitations, deprivations and behavior managements. The struggles we have with food addictions, food compulsions, overeating and unhealthy relationship with food is the direct result of those messages. They are not the cure, they are the problem. 


If you only knew how capable you are, you will laugh with delight. No problem or issue is bigger than you. The only help you need is the one that teaches you to trust yourself, listen to yourself and shows you how powerful you are. 


Messages About Our Priorities


Putting ourselves last on our list seems to be synonymous with being a woman. We are so used to taking care of everything and everyone that we often don’t have any energy left for taking care of ourselves. 


The truth is that you cannot create a healthy life without prioritizing YOU. Make a budget list of how you spend your energy, your time and your money and notice how much of that goes towards making your life healthier and happier. Make a commitment to take things off your list or shift priorities so that you are at the center of your life. 


Create “ME” time every day to practice the things that enhance your wellbeing. Get plenty of rest so you will have energy to take care of you. Create a “health budget” and prioritize spending money on sacred self care.


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Xoxo Rachel