Hello Loves,

Today I want to give you a few tips about how to set yourself up for success and make it easy and simple to make healthy choices.

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If making healthy choices is
• Too hard
• Too complicated
• Too much work
• Too time consuming
You are not going to do it or you are much less likely to do it.

The secret to setting yourself up to being successful is to make healthy choices easy, simple and quick.

Tip # 1 – Arrange your refrigerator to make healthy food choices.

One of the things I like to do is to make sure that my vegetables are front and center. I don’t put them in the bottom crisper where I don’t see them and then they go bad and then I have to throw them out at the end of the week. I put them in clear glass containers, washed, sliced and ready to eat, on the top shelves and in the front. That’s the first thing that I see when I open my fridge and that’s what I reach for.
By taking the time to do some prep on the weekend, I have vegetables all week that are ready for making:
• Soups
• Stir-fries
• Snacks
• Salads
because everything is prepped and ready.

Tip # 2 – What’s on your dining table?

I used to have a bowl on my dining table that was filled with chocolates. My sister lives in Switzerland and she used to send me huge bags of miniature Swiss chocolates, so amazingly delicious. I used to put them in a bowl on the dining table and guess what happened? Every time I passed by the dining table I would take a chocolate and another and another and would finish them in no time. Right now I have A bowl of fruit on my dining table. Beautiful fresh fruits that are washed and ready to eat.

If you see it you will eat it!
Choose the foods that are healthiest for you and make them more visible.

Tip # 3 – Kitchen vision boards.

Visuals play a very big role in your success.
I like to put images and pictures on my refrigerator, cabinets and kitchen walls that inspire me to live a healthy life. That can be pictures of women doing yoga, pictures of women walking or a picture of a delicious healthy meal, it’s like creating a vision board for your kitchen. Use your refrigerator to make your own vision board of a healthy life-style and every time you see it it will inspire you to make healthy choices.

Which one of those tips are you going to try? Leave me a comment below and let me know if you have other tips that help you make living healthy easy and fun.

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