Hi Love,

Today I want to share with you 2 revolutionary thoughts in the field of health; the first is to look for all the things that are going well and all the ways that you are already healthy instead of focusing on the things that you need to improve and the second is to not equate your weight with your health.

Focusing on what ails us and constantly looking for ways to improve ourselves can feel overwhelming and discouraging. You will feel much more inspired and motivated to make healthier choices if you already feel good about yourself and what you do, it will be a natural progression of your healthy lifestyle.

I am so glad to see buds of change in the health industry and a growing understanding that weight is just one of many ways to look at health. The truth is that women can be healthy in a variety of body shapes and sizes and a healthy weight is the RESULT, not a GOAL, of a healthy life. It is also helpful to look at a healthy life in a holistic way, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The following list will show you 20 different ways you can tell that you are healthy:

❤︎ You get up in the morning with excitement and energy.
❤︎ Your hair is shiny and strong.
❤︎ You love vegetables and fruits.
❤︎ You have strong nails.
❤︎ You talk to yourself with kindness and respect.
❤︎ You are happy with how you look.
❤︎ Your skin is radiant.
❤︎ You can go up a flight of stairs without losing your breath.
❤︎ You are pleased with who you are.
❤︎ You get enough sleep daily.
❤︎ You like to walk and do it daily.
❤︎ Your mood is optimistic and steady.
❤︎ You make time to prepare healthy meals.
❤︎ You can focus easily.
❤︎ You have enough energy to last you through the day.
❤︎ You enjoy being active.
❤︎ You have close and supportive relationships.
❤︎ You like being creative.
❤︎ You do work that brings you fulfillment.
❤︎ You create calmness and peace in your life by practicing spirituality, spending time in nature, journaling or reading.

How many did you check? What other ways can you tell you’re already healthy? I’d love to hear from you, leave a comment and please share this blog.

xoxo Rachel

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