Hello Lovelies,

I’ve done a previous video where I talked about how to love your body even if you feel like you hate it and got a lot of very lovely responses from women from all over the world. Many of them asked me to give them more examples of how they can practice loving their body and I am happy to share that with you.

Appreciation List

One way that I like practicing myself and recommend to my clients is to think about all the things your body is doing for you.

Make a list of appreciations of the very basic things

  • I appreciate my hands for writing
  • I appreciate my legs for walking
  • I appreciate my lungs for breathing
  • I appreciate my digestive system for digesting food and delivering nutrients to my body
  • I appreciate my brain for thinking


Just go over your body and send an appreciation to every part of your body for everything it is doing for you. It will help you to relate to your body in a different way. It’s not about your judgement about how it looks but an appreciation for everything it is doing for you.

Body Work

Another wonderful way of learning to love your body is by getting or giving yourself body work.


~ Schedule a massage with a massage therapist

~ Get a massager for an at home massage.
I recently purchased this massager from Amazon and it’s AMAZING! 

~ One of my favorite things to do is a self massage with hot oil. Buy a massage oil, I love lavender scented massage oils. Every evening before going to sleep warm it up by putting the massage oil bottle in a container with hot water, let it sit there for a minute until the oil warms up and then massage your body. Massage your hands in circular motions, massage your legs, massage your shoulders. And if there is any particular part of your body that you do not like, stay there a little bit longer and send that part some love.

xoxo Rachel

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