Things To Do For A Fabulous February

Have you made new year’s resolutions???

Now that January is gone
And the excitement of a new year is fading
Many of us feel a sense of disappointment
Or a sense of failure
At making resolution… Again
And not accomplishing them…. Again

Did you ever wonder
Why new year’s resolution
Don’t work???

The top 3 resolutions are:
Earn/save more money
Lose weight
Be organized

And we make them every year
Over and over and over again

Resolution come from a place of

We are not happy with our selves
We are displeased with our life

It is hard to create something positive
When you are viewing yourself negatively

There is also something funny
About thinking that change needs to come
on January first
And that after January is gone
So is our motivation

When change comes from our hearts
From our deepest desires
It can come at anytime
And there is no better time than NOW
No matter what month it is

When change is fueled by self-love
By a deep respect for ourselves
By appreciation of who we are
And how wonderful we are
Then it is truly

So instead of making new year’s resolution
Why don’t we start making
A monthly list of goals
That speak to our hearts and spirit
That makes us feel alive and joyous
That take our lives in the direction we want to go
That have a sense of fun and adventure

Here is my list of 10 things to do
to make February a fabulous month!!!
Make your own list!!!
And please share it with us!
Let’s inspire each other to create heart goals!

Have a Fab Feb!!!


My Fab Feb 10 List:

1. dedicate 10 hours a week to create my amazing online programs
2. organize and beautify my kitchen
3. valentine’s day date with DH
4. fun day in Manhattan with Gavriel
5. get massage
6. girlfriends date
7. personal day in Manhattan for – yoga, movie, work
8. have a mini spa day at home for – facial, body scrub, hot bath, sleep early
9. repot my plants and make them sparkle
10. switch off Sunday – unplug for a few hours from phone/ipad/computer

“I Am Creating 
A Beautiful Life”
Please share.