Hello Sunshines!

I adore Louise Hay. I love her books, her teachings and her powerful and life changing affirmations. As the affirmation queen Louise teaches that positive affirmations are like planting seeds, at first you won’t see results and it might look like nothing is happening but as you practice saying affirmations you will start to see your seeds sprout, grow and thrive until you have a garden full of blooming miracles.

Affirmations are wonderful companions on your health journey.

They help to:
~ Highlight your resistance
~ Show you the obstacles you need to let go off
~ Steer you in the right direction
~ Show you what is possible
~ Manifest your healthiest body
~ Create your most radiant life

My favorite way of using affirmations is to make them VISIBLE.

Write them on post-it notes, cards or posters, put them on mirrors, fridge, computer or anywhere that you will be able to see them many times a day.

I created these beautiful affirmation cards for you, please print them and post them all over your home or save them as screen savers on your phones, tablets and laptops.

Wishing you a radiant life xx Rachel